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A Transcendental Evening: Liszt/Poulenc

Sandra López and Asiya Korepanova electrify the audience in a double bill of La voix humaine by Poulenc and the Liszt- Paganini Transcendental Etudes.

October 23, 2021, at 8 pm at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables.


Liszt ~ Grandes études de Paganini

Asiya Korepanova




Poulenc, La voix humaine

Sandra López & Asiya Korepanova


Liszt ~ Grandes études de Paganini

Liszt ~ Grandes études de Paganini


Hear Liszt’s answer to Paganini’s gargantuan virtuosity in the Hungarian composer’s Études d'exécution transcendante d'après Paganini of 1838, later revised in 1851 and published as Grandes études de Paganini, in the breathtaking interpretation by Asiya Korepanova, who David Dubal describes as “a force of nature. Korepanova is the only pianist currently performing Liszt's 24 Etudes as a single program.


Poulenc ~ La voix humaine


…”La Voix humaine is a curious, uncomfortable work that does not fit securely within

the traditional boundaries of opera or play.”

Keith Clifton,

Canadian University Music Review


In a regular performance of The Human Voice, with libretto by Cocteau and music by Poulenc, the audience gets to witness the last moments in the life of a tormented woman on the verge of destruction. Elle, the protagonist, appears onstage talking to her lover on the telephone, and ultimately committing suicide.  What will happen this time?


The leading international soprano Sandra López, who has triumphed on the great stages of the world with her” meltingly beautiful soprano voice” (New York Times) will embody the protagonist, while international concert pianist Asiya Korepanova will bring her musical insight and orchestral sounds to the score.

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