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This season, The Opera Atelier is auditioning for the following opera roles:

  • Norina

  • Don Pasquale

  • Malatesta

  • Ernesto

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The audition application process will be closed on May 30, 2024. 
Both selected singers and covers will be notified before June 15, 2024.

Opportunity to perform in Miami with orchestra during one of the two runs of Don Pasquale 2.0,
a new version of Don Pasquale.

Some performances will be with piano accompaniment, some with orchestra,
depending on the venue. 

Don Pasquale 2.0, a Modern Production by The Opera Atelier
Language: Italian

First Run: July -September 2024
Venues: Manuel Artime, Goodlet Theatre, Colony Theater, Seminole Theater

Second Run: February-March 2025
Venues: Moss Center, Miracle Theatre

The Opera Atelier is looking for principals and covers for all roles.

Please read all the terms below before applying. Thanks!

Audition Request Form
Which role are you auditioning for?
Which days are you available for an interview?
Upload your resume

Thanks for applying to audition with us!
We'll get back to you soon.


Auditions Process

Please, fill out all fields of this online form, in order to request an audition.


OBJECTIVE: To provide quality performance opportunities for opera singers with different levels of experience in The Opera Atelier performances and to identify singers who fulfill the requirements to participate in specific The Opera Atelier productions.

ELIGIBILITY: The auditions are open primarily to opera singers living or working in South Florida. Out-of-town or international artists are also eligible and may submit their materials for present and future consideration. Please note that at this time, no provisions are made for room and board. 

All singers must display a technical level commensurate with the role sought. Applicants with some experience in the specific role will be given preference.


Citizens of the United States of America and Canada are eligible to audition. Foreign applicants must show proof of residency as students, workers, guest artists, legal residents or holders of any other valid visa, or proof of American or Canadian Citizenship.

BENEFITS: Selected candidates will perform a role in a public performance in South Florida. Artists will receive professional videos, photos of the production, and a certified letter of participation in the performance.

REMUNERATION: volunteer or stipend, as agreed.
Note: Artists selected to participate in full productions may receive a fee according to professional level and experience.

PRODUCTIONS: Selected candidates will participate in staged opera highlights or complete opera productions in venues in South Florida, with costumes, lighting, scenery, etc. with piano, ensembles, or orchestra, depending on the performance.

SUBMISSIONS: According to the specific schedule. Only those completed applications will be considered. The required video links must be of live performances, showing the candidate actually singing with piano or orchestra. No pre-recorded tracks will be allowed. No videos or sound recordings with pictures will be considered.


AUDITION FEES: To be considered for auditions for our productions, you may submit your materials via this page database by filling out the online form. Only complete applications will be considered. There is no fee associated with joining our singer database for auditions. Materials will be reviewed periodically and selected candidates will be invited to audition according to our casting needs. These auditions will be by invitation only. 

AUDITIONS: Live auditions will take place at our studios in Miami or New York. The Opera Atelier will provide a pianist at no additional cost. Out-of-town/artists from abroad may be scheduled to audition online via Zoom. In online auditions, singers should be accompanied by their pianist, live from a studio equipped to transmit sound and video to the jury through a computer enabled for the transmission. A technical communication test will be required three days prior to the date of the virtual audition.

RESULTS: A invitation letter to perform with The Opera Atelier will be sent within one month of auditions. Selected participants will be notified about the deadline to sign the agreement with The Opera Atelier and will be given the rehearsal schedule. In case the artistic committee finds that the candidates for a particular role do not fulfill the requirements, the audition for that role may be declared void. The decisions of the Board of Directors and representative of The Opera Atelier regarding the selection of candidates will be final.


WORK LANGUAGES WILL BE Primarily English, and Spanish. Other possible work languages are Italian and French.

If you have technical issues, please email us at:

Terms and Conditions about The Opera Atelier, Inc. Auditions, Casting, and Artistic Fees

Auditions are part of the artist’s life in Opera, until they are not needed any longer, usually when the artist is well established or widely known. Auditions come in different varieties; video, sound, and in-person. There are different styles of presenting oneself. But even now, there must be some sort of audition. Most companies require a recent video as a starting point. That usually works as a prequalifying step. 

Casting is up to the company, its preferences, and requirements, and   usually happens behind closed doors. It is uncontestable and final. Opera companies will sometimes give feedback to singers who are not selected but that is not always the case. Many young singers take advantage of auditioning feedback sessions offered by the National Opera Center. Members of The Opera Atelier Team often travel to opera houses to hear performances. This helps with casting. TOA casting is a careful, respectful, and thoughtful process. The process of selection starts with a recent Vimeo/YouTube video, and the artist’s resume, and a complete online application on The TOA website or YAP Tracker. Preselected candidates are then invited to audition either in-person on online. Successful candidates are offered roles. Casting involves TOA directors, as well as leading performers, musicians, and external advisors and consultants with ample knowledge and experience in the opera world. Exceptionally, The Opera Atelier may identify and invite specific emerging or seasoned artists to audition to take on or cover a particular role, or instrumentalists to participate in the orchestra or to do a solo in a concert.  

TOA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the art of opera through performance, education, and community engagement, in synergy with other art forms.  TOA presents both modern and traditional stagings, endeavoring to achieve the highest musical level possible, and with the highest artistic standards in mind. TOA makes judicious use of funds and resources to create meaningful productions in which the artistic imagination takes precedence over the trappings of the operatic art form. The Opera Atelier’s casting is inclusive and respectful. The Opera Atelier is wholly committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. TOA programs are open to all regardless of ability, disability, age, religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender identification. Our culture of inclusion applies to casting as well as to the delivery of all programs.  The Opera Atelier employs PEOPLE FIRST LANGUAGE (the person before the diagnostic), as widely recommended by advocacy groups in the United States. As part of its mission, The Opera Atelier offers a creative platform where artists of different generations and the audience inspire each other. 

Members of the TOA Team have had significant experience in artist management, so TOA understands the operatic art as well as the requirements and intricacies of the opera industry. TOA, cognizant of the steps that young singers must take to develop a career in opera, joins forces with other industry professionals to provide opportunities for young talents who are seriously committed to advancing their careers. The Opera Atelier is an active member of Opera America and Operabase. 

Artist fees in the opera field vary widely. They depend on the company budget, the number of productions, the cost of venues, and a variety of other factors. The budgets of opera companies vary greatly as well. The Opera Atelier schedule of fees at the present is not commensurate with those of A opera houses. In addition, TOA’s fee schedule is not a “one-size fits all”. It takes into consideration the experience and preparation of each individual singer, as well as whether the singer has already debuted the role with orchestra, or the level of his/her professional accomplishments to date, as well as the relative importance of the engagement.  Another factor is TOA’s experience with a particular artist, and their work ethics, and artistry. 

TOA seeks artists with these profile elements: 
- technical mastery 
-understanding of the text and ways to convey it 
-voice and repertory presented match
-good acting ability – understand opera as drama
-willingness to listen and put into practice the directions of the artistic team members 
-appreciate and respect their colleagues’ talents
-get along with everyone 
-understand that the production’s success depends on everyone 
-responsibility to oneself and to the production as a whole

These elements are reflected in TOA’s artists agreement, as well as the calendar of rehearsals.  

Fees for singers with relatively little experience are different from those of experienced professional singers who have demonstrated a high level of artistry and accomplishments and may have already sung a particular role.  In general, when auditioning singers for a particular role, TOA will prefer to engage singers who have previously sung the role, or who have memorized it in its entirety, unless the singer is an exceptional musician and a fast learner and has had considerable experience as a professional singer. TOA often uses the Operabase casting tool as a reference. TOA engages young and seasoned artists in a variety of roles. Artists in The Opera Atelier production casts include both managed and unmanaged singers, instrumentalists, directors, and conductors. Out-of-town artists may apply, provided they are covering their own costs to audition. If selected, they must cover their own travel, plus room and board. TOA is not responsible for visas, travel arrangements, work permits, etc. They are solely the responsibility of each individual artist. TOA complies with all IRS requirements, checks work eligibility, and authorization for employment. 

These are the reasons why we recommend that artists read the instructions thoroughly, before filling out the required online application form for audition. Usually, The Opera Atelier receives several applications for a particular role. Please note that The Opera Atelier does not divulge fees ahead of time. The fee is usually established at the beginning of the rehearsal period, and taking into consideration the season budget, the costs of venues and productions, and the artistic contribution and experience the artist brings to the production versus the investment of time, effort, and resources the company will make to prepare the artist for the production. 

© The Opera Atelier, Inc.

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