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To preserve and advance the art of opera through performance and education in synergy with different art forms. 

Ten Years of The Opera Atelier

The Opera Atelier aims to preserve and advance the art of opera, contributing to the culture of South Florida through cutting edge, transformative programming, education, and outreach. In engaging with universal and current issues, and in promoting meaningful international cultural exchange as well as cross-pollination with different art forms, The Opera Atelier provides an inclusive creative platform where audiences and artists of different generations inspire each other.

The Opera Atelier pursues its mission through:

  • compelling productions that appeal to the mind and the heart

  • in-depth sequential education and meaningful performance opportunities for youth

  • a creative platform where artists at different stages of their careers collaborate, young artists, hone their craft in a nurturing environment, and where audience and artists inspire each other

  • eliminating casting barriers of age, body type, or disability

  • programs that highlight Miami-Dade special locations and tourist attractions

  • increased access to programming and affordable tickets, as well as meaningful outreach activities

  • quality international exchange

  • collaborations with other organizations across different artistic disciplines

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