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Younger at Arts Program: Fostering Social Connections.

Community Engagement

Would you like to participate in some of our activities for seniors?
Don't stay at home, sign up for our free senior activities and come enjoy art with us YA!

From its inception, The Opera Atelier has been responding to the needs of our community providing artistic, educational, and social services. 

We believe that community engagement in the arts is essential for fostering creativity, promoting cultural vibrancy, and building stronger, more connected communities. By involving community members in artistic activities and projects, the arts can become a powerful tool for social change, empowerment, and collective expression.

The arts can contribute to community development by revitalizing neighborhoods, stimulating economic activity, and fostering social cohesion. Engaging with the arts can help to strengthen community bonds and create a sense of place and belonging.

Younger at Arts Program... YA!

The “Younger at Arts” Program engages seniors through the power of the Arts, helping to mitigate isolation. YA in Spanish means right now!. The acronym of the program is a call to take control of your life right now, without delay. These are some of the elements that have been part of the program:

*Art and Culture Classes: Regular art classes (Painting, drawing, pottery, theater, music, etc.), tailored to accommodate different skill levels.

*Music Appreciation Classes: Combining the joy of listening with historical exploration. Culminate in performances where seniors can participate and build connections.

*Literature Workshops: Life story writing workshops, collective poems, lyrics for new songs or operas

*Cultural Outings: Regular outings to museums, theaters, and art galleries, to explore landmarks and share enriching experiences. Inform
seniors about cultural guides and art directories and how to use them (The Golden Guide).

*Inter-generational Workshops: Partnerships with cultural organizations, schools, and community groups to promote cross-generational
collaborations. Sharing artistic skills and knowledge between seniors and younger generations.

*Art Exhibitions and Showcases: Organize art exhibitions displaying artworks by participating seniors, open to the community, encouraging
dialogue and appreciation for the artistic contributions of seniors. Collaborate with local artists and participants to create public art installations.

*Storytelling Sessions: A space for seniors to share their life stories, experiences, and wisdom. Document stories through social media.
Sessions will cover a wide range of subjects and will be delivered by seniors from diverse fields.

*Collaboration with Local Artists: Collaborative projects with professional artists to enhance the sense of community engagement and creativity.

*Digital Art, AI and Technology Training: Introduce seniors to digital art tools, opening up new avenues for creative expression and to enhance the artistic landscape.

Younger at Arts Program... YA!

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