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Sunday 18 July, 2021. 3 pm
Coral Gables Museum
-Concert Version-
Free event.

Saturday 24 July, 2021. 7 pm
Seminole Theater
-Stage performance-

About the Program
Opera is Here brings together seasoned and budding singers in a double bill that includes Mozart’s delightful opera Bastien und Bastienne in the voices of young singers 11-17 years old, as well a program of selections with seasoned teachers.  The cast of Bastien un Bastienne includes Darlen Maceo (Bastienne), Silvio Plata (Bastien), Alan Izquierdo (Colas), Leyanelis Díaz, Avril Valle and María Emilia Perozo as Bastienne’s friends, and César Castillo as  Bastien’s friend and confidant.

The second part of the program offers a selection of Great Opera and Zarzuela Moments featuring a cast of experienced local and out-of-town singers. The artists are: Kiley Hernandez, Lucia Panizza, Carlos Jimeno, Eduardo Calcaño, and Jorge Arcila, accompanied by Daniel Daroca, with visuals by Jacqueline Solorzano and Xiomara Ponce, and concept by The Opera Atelier. 

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