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And they Call this Love?
Sandra López, Soprano
Jenny Snyder, Pianist

Jun 13, 2021, at 2 pm.

St. John's on the Lake

In a regular performance of The Human Voice, with libretto by Cocteau and music by Poulenc, the audience gets to witness the last moments in the life of a tormented woman on the verge of destruction. Elle, the protagonist, appears onstage talking to her lover on the telephone, and ultimately committing suicide.

And they call this Love? combines  Ah! Perfido!, a concert aria by Beethoven that would seem to foreshadow the drama of the protagonist of Poulenc’s work, with The Human Voice. In this new production, Ah! Perfido! is staged as an opera scene and seamlessly woven into the La voix humaine.  But this time, the protagonist walks away from the situation of abuse, in a surprise ending.

The leading international soprano Sandra López (The Metropolitan Opera, Florida Grand Opera, La Fenice, Opera de Oviedo) will embody the protagonist, accompanied by pianist Jenny Snider. The production, directed by Jorge Arcila, Artistic Director of The Opera Atelier, will emphasize the drama of a disempowered woman caught in a meaningless emotional rollercoaster, manipulated, and psychologically abused by her insensitive husband. The staging will be crafted to bring attention to mental health issues, co-dependency, and unhealthy coping mechanisms such as substance abuse. 


…”La Voix humaine is a curious, uncomfortable work that does not fit securely within the traditional boundaries of opera or play.”

Keith Clifton,
Canadian University Music Review.

With the support of:

The performance will be available online at a later date.

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