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The Opera Atelier is also dedicated to helping artists reach their greatest potential. With expert life coaching services, we can provide the tailored support you need to successfully navigate the ever-changing artistic landscape and reach your goals.

Paiting by Remedios Varo
Woman Leaving the Psychoanalyst, 1960
Painting by Remedios Varo

Xiomara Ponce
Artist Coach Director

Xiomara Ponce | Artists Coach

You are an artist and...

* Don't get the inspiration anymore? Drawing a creative blank? No inspiration Need help with strategizing your next project? Taking a holistic approach to coaching psychoanalytic oriented, Xiomara can help you bring your artistic dreams to life. Xiomara is passionate about inspiring creative minds to reach their fullest potential. Through her one-on-one life coaching sessions, she helps artists re-kindle the fire of creativity when experiencing a block.

* Feeling your time passes, and you continuing to postpone your tasks? If you're an artist looking to make your dreams a reality, with personalized life coaching for artists and goal setting, you can control your life and make the changes you've been wanting to make. Stop feeling that time passes you by but make strides towards your dreams instead. With Xiomara's individualized and psychoanalytic oriented coaching and support, you can overcome procrastination and learn how to effectively manage your time to bring your vision to life as an artist. You can start maximizing the time you have and move closer to achieving your creative dreams! If you are tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, know that Xiomara is here to offer guidance and support to help you reach your goals as an artist and human being.

* Feeling Boring, empty, repeating schemes? Are you an artist who is feeling stuck, bored, or uninspired? Empower yourself and reach your creative potential with life coaching for artists. Xiomara will help you break through the feeling of being empty and stuck in repeating schemes and achieve the fulfillment and development you need to take your art to the next level.

* Dreams that don’t you understand? If you're an artist struggling to make sense of your creative dreams, turn to Xiomara, the life coach for artists. Embark on a journey guided by her professionalism in the deepest search for your unconscious desire, which day by day each dream reveals to you. Xiomara puts at your disposal all her experience as a psychoanalyst and as an artist that has allowed her to fish for the true desire that moves us in life. Equipped with her knowledge, creative insight, and experience of over 20 years, she’ll help you unlock the potential of your dreams and create a clear path to achieve them.

* Disoriented, without art projects, without friends, family, without a partner? If you are an artist feeling disoriented, without artistic projects, without friends, or without a partner, know that Xiomara is a certified Life Coach and Lacanian psychoanalyst dedicated to helping creative people identify their values, reclaim their life, and live to their fullest potential.

"Find Your Creative Voice and Unleash Your Artistic Potential!"

* Looking for freedom of expression? If you're an artist looking to express yourself freely. Xiomara provides one-on-one life coaching services to help you unlock your creative potential and build a meaningful art practice.

*Do you think that your age is an impediment for you to respond to your call of art? Xiomara has gone through various routes in art, she has lived every moment of her encounter with the clay, enjoying the poetry she reads and writes, as well as discovering the beautiful and deep sounds of her cello every day, with enthusiasm and gratitude for having found and allowed music to be sculpted in his ambitious hands as well. Xiomara offers you a mode of real listening that, beyond the professional, settles in the purely human and empathetic, with the ethics of those who also live, suffer and enjoy art without age limits.

* Afraid on stage, and in life? Through personalized one-on-one sessions, Xiomara will help you find the confidence to overcome any fears on the stage and in life, so you can finally find your creative spark and express yourself.

* Struggling to find your voice? Your stories from a remote past have a lot to tell you. Learn to listen to your own knowledge and distinguish what hurts you and what helps you as an artist. Xiomara will give you the place, the privacy, and the listening to be able to find your treasures from the past and throw away what does not serve you and prevents you from enjoying and living your artistic soul.

The Coach

I'd like to listen you,

to help you

Xiomara Ponce, anthropologist, psychologist, lacanian psychoanalyst, creativity coaching, sculptor and cellist.
Studies: Master of Science, Psychology, Central University of Venezuela, postgraduate studies in Management at Metropolitan University of Venezuela. Professor, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Author of various articles on artists and their challenges, Psychoanalysis, and Literature (poems). Currently, she has a private practice as coach in Miami, and she is a Director of The Opera Atelier, a performing art organization of South Florida, U.S.A.
Xiomara Ponce is an active member of AIDCP.

Since childhood I have admired art and sensibility. As a child, creating plays and singing in the shower were my favorite games. When I entered University, I started my cultural anthropology studies at college, in search of knowledge, and in search of an understanding of the process of creation of the diverse art works created by Man in his cultural manifestations. (This interest has been oriented towards learning the artistic expressions created by Man as well as learning about the subjective challenges, inhibitions and the inner setbacks that artists face in the development of their talent).

I obtained my Master’s Degree in Psychology and later continued my studies in Lacanian psychoanalysis, discipline to which I have devoted myself for the last 30 years. I have gained my professional experience mainly in different institutions, where I worked empowering people emotionally so they could fulfill their goals. It is wonderful to be able to work with artists in their creative process, which comes from nothingness and builds, in a permanent movement, the most complete expression of humanity: Art.

My work in The Opera Atelier is to provide singers with psychoanalytically-oriented coaching, so they can understand their inner world and distinguish the intensity of their desire and the obstacles in fulfilling their realization and complete expression. Also, I enjoy molding clay to create sculptures while I hear different opera arias. They accompany and inspire me while I find in the clay the forms that I conceive in my mind, the forms that take me from nothingness towards mysterious and unknown characters that emerge to question me once again about my unconscious.

Xiomara Ponce

The Artist

Learn a little about Xiomara's work as  sculptor


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The Opera Atelier provides an empowering and insightful life coaching experience for artists, led by our colleague Xiomara Ponce. Through honest conversations, listening, guidance, and personal reflections, Xiomara works with you to unlock your creative potential and progress towards your artistic goals. Get in touch with her today to arrange a complimentary online session and explore if life coaching is right for you - with flexible rates on an income-based sliding scale available for each artist.

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Note: The components of the life coaching for artists services are intended for help and orientation purposes only. This service is not intended to constitute mental health therapy, or any similar psychological service. It is not intended to offer information on specific mental health disorders nor medications to treat mental health disorders. Artists are encouraged to discuss specific mental health questions with a licensed mental health therapist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, or other mental health professional of their choice.

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