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Excellence in Performance and Education

Jorge Arcila
Artistic Director

Voice Performance Professor

Daniel Daroca

Musical Director

Piano Professor

Xiomara Ponce

Creativity & Art Director
Coach and Art Professor


Jacqueline Solorzano

Executive Director

Violin Professor

Teachers Guest Artists:

Carlos Jimeno

Baritone - Scenography Professor

Eduardo Calcaño

Tenor - Music Educator

Erzhan Kulibaev

Violinist - Music Educator


Greisel Dominguez

Chorus Master - Voices of Miami

Mabel Ledo

Mezzosoprano - Music Educator

Leyson Ponce

Choreographer - Scene Movement Professor

Silvia Ludueña

Soprano - Music Educator

The Opera Atelier employs the Renaissance Atelier approach to learning, where craftsmanship is acquired through the gradual completion of increasingly intricate tasks. These tasks are thoughtfully organized around interconnected subjects, promoting a holistic understanding. They are also tailored to suit the student's age and skill level.

The curriculum follows a spiral structure, encouraging students to construct meaning by actively interacting with the materials. Furthermore, diverse learning methods and approaches are employed to ensure that all students can comprehend and absorb the content effectively.

>> Read more about our Educational Philosophy.


We offer instruction in the following areas:

  • Opera role preparation

  • Repertory and musical coaching

  • Audition and recital preparation

  • Singing

  • Piano

  • Violin

  • Music reading and musicianship

  • Creativity and art coaching for artists and young talents

  • Creativity activities for seniors

For further details and to enroll for either of our educational programs, please utilize the specified buttons provided below

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