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Opera Adventures Program 2024
Open Enrollment!

Free tuition. Limited enrollment!

2024 Period

Saturdays classes from
February 3 through May 18

Registration is now open!

Required Parent Orientation Meeting:

February 01, 2024. 7:30 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Use these credentials:

Meeting ID: 898 0196 7190
Passcode: 030448

Program Location:
The Manuel Artime Community Center
970 SW 1st Street, Suite 408.

Miami, FL 33130

To apply for the Program,
 please complete the online form below.

We strongly recommend applying early.
(First come, first served).


Call us for more info at:
(786) 560-6845

Video: A day in the Opera Adventures Program 

To apply for the Arts Adventures/Opera Adventures Program in 2024, please complete the online form provided below.

Opera Adventures Program


The Opera Atelier is pleased to present the Arts Adventures/Opera Adventures Programs, which are funded through the Children's Trust and administered by the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs. The Opera Atelier thanks these outstanding organizations for their essential support.


The Opera Adventures Program is an opera, music, and arts immersion program for students ages 5-17. It will take place from February to May, at The Opera Atelier Studios at the Manuel Artime Theater and Community Center in Miami's Little Havana. The Arts Adventures Program is open to children and youngsters wishing to experience different artistic expressions, including fine arts, music, and theatre.  


The Opera Atelier practices a student-centered approach to education. Through comprehensive hands-on music projects, students construct their own knowledge in context. Learning objectives around classical music are planned so that students can engage with the material in different ways and at their individual level, from the more concrete to the abstract. Multi-age groups alternate with groups of similar levels in a nurturing environment that fosters positive interactions. Students often work in small groups. Students support each other’s learning and often teach each other.


A linguistically sensitive faculty supports children whose English skills are still limited. Parents/guardians will have the opportunity to actively participate in learning activities with students through classes, coaching, and mentorship.

Eligibility: Students ages 5-17. 

Classes: The schedule for Saturdays, starting from 10 am to 2:30 pm, from February to May, consists of 16 sessions. The timetable is subject to variation based on the selected music lessons.


Tuition: Tuition is free. Enrollment Fee: $25.

Admission: Complete the online registration form, attend the parent orientation meeting, and pay the registration fee of $25, after the student is admitted. To qualify for this program the child must reside in Miami-Dade.

Location: The Opera Atelier Studios at The Manuel Artime Theater and Community Center 901 SW 1st Street, Suite 408 Miami, FL 33130.