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October 28, 2022. 7 pm
Sala Santa Cecilia
 ~ The Opera Atelier

Free Event

Pianist Daniel Daroca in selections by Gottschalk, Carreño, and White.

About this event

During his short and tumultuous life, Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869) was widely recognized as a consummate virtuoso. As the first American musician to achieve international fame, he exerted a tremendous influence on American musical life. Gottschalk was no stranger to controversy. At 14 he was rejected by the Paris Conservatory, without an audition, on account of being an American. The director declared that “America is a land of steam engines”. Yet two years later Chopin would proclaim him the future “king of the piano”, while upon his return to America, a New York reviewer compared him to Beethoven. On the other hand, because of his excessive reliance on pianistic pyrotechnics, Dwight in his Journal of Music described Gottschalk’s music as weak and superficial: “Could a more trivial and insulting string of musical rigmarole have been offered to an audience of earnest music lovers…?”

The musical influences of Gottschalk extended to Puerto Rico Cuba and, where he spent some time, befriended local musicians, and assimilated the local folklore and rhythms.  In Cuba, he accompanied the young Jose White, who was to become a violin professor at the Paris Conservatoire, in a concert in Matanzas, and in New York, she befriended the young virtuoso Teresa Carreño, who dedicated a piece in his style to him.

The repertory for the recital will include Gottschalk’s works such as ""L'Union” paraphrase de concert for piano", and "The Dying Poet". Works by his associates will include Teresa Carreño Gottschalk Waltz, Jose White's "La Bella Cubana", and Manuel Saumell's "Recuerdos de Gottschalk". 

See you there!

Daniel Daroca

Note: Next presentation of this program will take place in March 2023 in Hialeah (venue and date TBD)

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