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Zarzuela La Gran Vía
July 23, 7 pm.
Manuel Artime Theater 

"La Gran Vía" is a vibrant zarzuela, aptly named after the iconic street in the heart of the Spanish capital. This lively musical masterpiece takes audiences on a captivating journey through the bustling scenes of everyday life in Madrid, portraying a colorful tapestry of characters and stories. Through its melodic charm and theatrical flair, "La Gran Vía" captures the spirit and essence of the Spanish capital, celebrating the rich culture and diverse personalities that define the cityscape.

The intergenerational cast includes international artists, as well as excellent local singers. 

The Manuel Artime Theater is located at 900 SW 1st. Avenue, Miami, Fl, right in the heart of bustling Little Havana. 

Donations are accepted

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