MOZ-Art Program 2020


Featuring the productions of

Bastien und Bastienne
by W. A. Mozart


The Return of the not so Little Prince

by Daniel Daroca

The new opera, The not so Little Prince

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Audition Dates

May 16, 23 & 30, 2020

Audition location:

2354 SW 8th ST. Miami, FL 33135

or send video to:

All students must audition and participate in a zoom video interview

About the Program

June 8th – July 25th, 2020

Monday-Friday 9 am to 3 pm

The Opera Atelier presents the MOZ-Art Program, Jumping into the musical, the opera and the zarzuela, a sequential instructional program for vocal students interested in performance.


This program may be of special interest to those wishing to enter programs at magnet schools and college programs in performance and in general those wanting to pursue musical studies.

Participants will engage in voice lessons, diction, theory, notation classes, coaching and rehearsals, culminating with the performance of a full opera and additional performances of solos and ensembles from operas, zarzuelas and musicals. 

Students will participate in a newly composed opera based on the classic The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. 

The new opera, The Return of the not so Little Prince, takes a new look at the character and the story.

Libretto & Music by Daniel Daroca

Parent orientation Zoom meeting:

Saturday, May 23 – 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

May, Friday 29 –  7.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Parents must attend

one of these two mandatory zoom meetings

Meeting ID 7863023945

The Return of the not so Little Prince

performance date:

July 25, 2020


Elementary, middle and high school students (ages 9-17, children with disabilities up to 21) interested in singing and the performing arts. Some experience in solo or choral singing preferred.  Initial audition and interview required.

7 weeks / Monday through Friday/ From June 8 to July 21st, 2020

9.00 am – 3.00 pm

Before/Aftercare provided free of charge to all participants.




*A hands-on Introduction to musical, opera and zarzuela
*Musicianship, music notation, and theory
*Musical study techniques
*Vocal technique, solo, and choral singing
*Elements of acting
*Enrichment activities through special guest classes, literacy, and visual arts activities
*Rehearsals and final performance with the participants

*Students will participate in the performances of The Return of not so Little Prince, Bastien und Bastienne, and other public performances.


The program is valued at $1,780. There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee.

All selected candidates will receive either a full or partial scholarship*


*Full scholarships (SAS-C funded) for children with documented disabilities or from low-income families. Scholarships available to Miami-Dade residents who qualify for free or reduced lunch, or receive SNAP assistance. If the student qualifies for free or reduced lunch or receives SNAP assistance and you would like to request a camp scholarship, please email proof of eligibility to For students enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, you may send a screenshot of the student information tab found in the student or parent portal. Proof of SNAP assistance is also acceptable. There is a limited number of full scholarships available. 

*Partial scholarships granted by The Opera Atelier cover $1030 of the tuition. Families will be responsible for the remaining $750 tuition. 

The registration fee and the tuition are due by May 15th, 2020.


*Attendance is essential.

*Children enrolled in the program should not participate in any other performance program during the program period (June 8– July 21).

*Participants should be available for the performances. 

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Program Education Director, Daniel Daroca, at

For auditions

Please send us an email at:

The new opera, The Return of the not so Little Prince.

Libretto by Daniel Daroca

© 2019


A quirky story has long been circulated about The Little Prince. Mistaking it for the factual account of the adventure of a respected traveler, some took the trouble to translate it. The book came to be published in many languages and became so popular that the copies would fly off the shelves. Sensitive folks would acquire the book, have a good cry while reading it and then share it with their children, some of whom cried even more. So, little by little, the legend of The Little Prince spread to all corners of the Earth, accompanied by sighs, exclamations and tears. Armed with a silly picture and a few provisions, throngs of enthusiasts of the story crisscrossed the Sahara in search of the place where the Prince had supposedly returned to his home planet, hoping to catch a glimpse of the youth- should he ever decide to come back to the same spot. Of course, many perished in this useless trek, and most of the few survivors never read another book. As it turns out, most of the story was not even true to begin with. For one, the Prince neither spoke at length with the Serpent nor received any philosophical tips from any fox. During the accident- which did happen - the writer lost his glasses.  All the maps, drawings and diagrams he later made were grossly inaccurate.

But don’t just take my word for it. This was corroborated by the protagonist, who admitted that he had jokingly fed the French author false information. The account that follows was related by the Prince; I have no reason to doubt him this time. After several meetings, I must say that he strikes me as a reasonable and honest fellow. We had coffee several times; I even visited him and The Rose on their planet last year. The Prince showed me his picture album after dinner, and everything checked out.

First, he is no real prince. Forget about it. His parents, who love him very much, used to call him “My Little Prince” when he was a baby. He liked the sound of it and he kept it because the title gets him good seats when he goes out. But as much as he enjoys theaters and restaurants, there is nothing that the Prince loves more than exploring, so much so that his parents gave him a very nice planet for his fifth birthday, which he has kept in perfect order ever since. Believe me, the planet is large enough -nothing like that ridiculous piece of rock that the other book depicts. The planet of the Prince has oceans, valleys, mountains and a fantastic atmosphere. In short, it has everything a decent planet is supposed to have. But be it as it may, every few weeks he tires of being in the same place all the time and takes off on one of his adventures. Sometimes he is away for a few hours and other times for a day or two. The Prince made it quite clear that he has never been away for more than a couple of days, on account of the baobabs. They must be pruned regularly, so they do not overtake the planet. And- I almost forgot- there is no volcano- another little detail that the other writer did not care to check. Go figure! Maybe he got several different journeys of The Little Prince mixed up or he got the stories of different princes all confused with one another. Be that as it may, that quirky story needs a righter.


But rather than trying to amend the old tale, we bring you one of The not so Little Prince’s excursions, one of those run of the mill days when he goes planet hopping for the afternoon and is back home in time for an early dinner and a stroll. You might recognize the familiar planets of The King, The Lamplighter and the Businessman, which are the closest to the Prince’s own planet, and in strange way that he tried to explain and I could never understand- blame it on a hearty dinner- surround his planet, which is thus rendered invisible to the external world. The rest of the planets may be unfamiliar to you, if you have never been near that neck of the woods.

Whenever he goes on one of his journeys, the Prince makes a stop on each of the three planets and goes through the same routine every time. The funny thing is that none of the three endearing characters who occupy the planets seems to remember his prior visits. After leaving the last of the three planets, he takes off into a different direction every time. The Prince, who is fond of music and has an impressive opera collection, asked me to find a composer to make this story into an opera. Truth be told, he did not even bother to ask the other composer- the lady was so busy with the birds and their songs that his opera would never get written. So, the composer and I are simply following the Prince’s wishes here. And, look around! Who knows if the globetrotting Prince himself is not here tonight, catching the performance of his very own opera?

Daniel Daroca
© 2019

MOZ-Art Summer Program

Audition dates:

January, 16-18,  10 am – 1pm

February, 6-8  10am – 1pm


2354 SW 8th ST
Miami, FL 33135

*by appointment only*

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