New performances at 26, 27 September 2020

At Colony Theater in Miami Beach


The Opera Atelier brings to the Miracle Theater a fusion of opera and contemporary dance around the theme of love.  Embraces emphasizes the wisdom of the body, exploring the limits and intersections of the respective languages of dance and opera along a common expressive thread.

The central choreography, El Abrazo (The Embrace) celebrates the life and work of American realist painter Edward Hopper through the encounters and dis-encounters of a couple within the existential disconnect of contemporary life. Hailing from Spain, international award-winning artists Carmen Werner and Leyson Ponce, premiered this work in Madrid to critical acclaim in June 2019. The inspired performances by Werner, Ponce and the operatic local artists confront the culture of ageism and triviality, validating the power of art across generations.

The operatic repertory, incorporating dance elements, includes scenes from Verdi’s Aida and Bellini’s I Capuletti e Monthecchi. The cast includes Carmen Werner, Leyson Ponce, Silvia Ludueňa, Lucia Panizza, Greisel Dominguez, Eduardo Calcaňo, Nalsen Hinojosa, and Jorge Arcila.

Experience up close the power of opera and contemporary dance in an intimate setting!

See you at the Opera!

MOZ-Art Summer Program

Audition dates:

January, 16-18,  10 am – 1pm

February, 6-8  10am – 1pm


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Miami, FL 33135

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