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Discover the secrets of the opera world in a relaxed, professional and educational atmosphere. This year we are launching the following workshops and courses:

THE SINGER ACTOR: Movement, Improvisation and Composition in Opera; crafting believable characters through text and music. To empower participants to become comfortable on the stage while singing. To learn how to create and perform believable characters. To develop one’s own movement score for important scenes according to the logic of the text and the music. Ability to memorize music and text quickly, time commitment -Individual practice time are required Workshop included: Selecting appropriate repertoire - Intensive Study of repertory - Elements of Stage craft - Elements of Stage Direction Crafting characters - Creating movement score according to reactions coming from text. - Psycho-emotional aspects of role development. 

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THE ELOQUENT PERFORMER: Music beyond the notes, elements of musical interpretation. Oriented to classical musicians: singers and instrumentalists. To understanding the elements of interpretation to be able to apply them to individual repertory. To prepare participants to decode the musical information in the scores to enable them to create musically sound, expressive and convincing performances through the study of the music and exemplary performances. Good knowledge of music theory and notation and rudiments of harmony and counterpoint required, initial interview required, some individual study time required. 
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ROUNDTABLE: AM I READY FOR A MANAGER?. An exchange of ideas on artistic representation to help singers to know when to seek an agent, and how to go about it. Some of the topics will be: - Elements of artist representation today. - Artistic preparation requirements. - What is important for a manager. - Career requirements, requirements of opera houses..
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MY CHILD IS AN ARTIST, NOW WHAT?. Specially designed for parents that discover artistic talents such as music, dance, ballet, painting, among others, in their children at an early age. To learn and understand effective methods to support their children in their artistic purpose, initiatives, and skills. Supporting your child’s artistic path. This workshop will be also conducted in Spanish.
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MOVEMENT, IMPROVISATION AND COMPOSITION: A creative experience centered in the body. Its general objective is to awaken, listen to and express our personal innate creative resources through the experience of our body language. What we are, is expressed here and now in and through our body. This happens naturally, unconsciously and automatically. When we walk, talk, sit, gesture, dance, we communicate independently of our will or intention. To be alive, regardless of how we choose to express life, is to show with our body what we are. [date and location TBA].

OPERA AND PSYCHOANALYSIS: Is a space where Psychoanalysis and Music meet, promoted by The Opera Atelier, to show some connexions bewteen the art of opera and Psychoanalysis. In this workshop we will take a look at those aspects of music of interest to Psychoanalysis theory, and to some scant but not unimportant references to music made by Lacan and Freud [date and location TBA].

IMAGE FOR OPERATIC ARTISTS AND ACTORS: Glamour on and off the stage!. You may be keeping off career advancement by dressing improperly and giving the wrong message. In this workshop you will learn how to optimize your image and to dress successfully for auditions and important events. [date and location TBA].

OPERA FOR ALL: Aims at developing an appreciation of opera among the general public. A performance of opera requires previous information to be enjoyed in full. The foundations of opera that all fans should know (online video presentations, will be available in English and Spanish. [date and location TBA].

Other courses and workshops: The Opera Atelier provides a platform for exchange with professionals from various artistic performance disciplines, including the art of cinema and theatre.
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